Take Note of the Growth

Before we started the garden and I began taking regular photos of each plant’s progress once a day, nature’s subtle growth was lost on me. I would walk by the same flowers each day and never really stopped to smell the roses. Of course, it’s easy to see when the tall trees change colors in the fall and shed their leaves as winter nears, but to me, those changes always seemed to come all at once. I never paid much attention to what came in between.

Pumpkins are extremely fun to grow. They absolutely take over if you don’t give them plenty of space. The vines actually continually put down new roots as they lengthen. When I finally discovered the first female pumpkin flower on June 16th, with a little baby pumpkin hoping to get pollinated, I was ecstatic.

The bees did their job well and the vine that this pumpkin was growing on just continued to get longer and longer. It got so long, in fact, that about a week later we were forced to redirect the vine away from the corn it was threatening to choke out. By June 20th, it had found a large new home in the yard, which was good because that baby was growing fast.

By the time I got home from work the next night, just eighteen hours later, it had completely shed its flower and was about as big as the palm of my hand.

And just another 18 hours after that, it had almost doubled in size. I remember distinctly thinking that I couldn’t believe how quickly this amazing plant was growing, especially for having been through the trauma of having its vine’s roots pulled up and redirected out onto the lawn. This one is a trooper!

In the most recent picture, which I took just this morning, the most striking change is the color. The green is turning deeper and richer. It’s a change that would have been really easy for me to miss if I wasn’t watching closely every day.

Tracking these changes is another important life lesson from the extremely wise Mother Nature. I need to take time to celebrate the little wins and the small incremental changes in my life. They are pretty important and without them, growth couldn’t occur. So cheer yourself on. Notice the small things. In time, they’ll turn into the big things.

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