Why This Family Loves Primo Water

When my family started gardening and eating more locally-grown foods last summer, I became more aware of what’s in the foods we eat and the processes that bring those foods to our table. This new mindset came naturally to me because, as a Primo Water employee, I had already learned a lot about what can be found in tap water and the processes that can be used to ensure our drinking water is healthy and safe.

Given where I work, it’s probably no surprise that outside of coffee, craft beer, and the occasional bottle of UpDog Kombucha (my husband’s favorite!), our family’s beverage-of-choice is Primo Water. But I’m confident that we would have chosen Primo eventually even if I didn’t work there and I want to tell you why.

It’s Clean

Most of us know that we have a water quality problem in the US. We’ve heard stories about the crisis in Flint and we’ve seen documentaries like The Devil We Know (it’s on Netflix by the way!). But what many people don’t understand is that there are many more communities in the US that are experiencing poor water quality and we never hear about them.

In fact, according to the EWG’s tap water database, there were 7 contaminants detected in levels above health guidelines where I live in Winston-Salem, NC, including: chloroform, chromium, and five others that I can’t spell, all of which are associated with an increased cancer risk.

Primo’s purification processes, which include activated carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, and ultraviolet sterilization (just to name a few!), give me peace of mind that the water my family drinks is safe, clean, and healthy.

It’s Sustainable

There are a lot of options available for those who don’t feel comfortable drinking tap, but Primo offers a sustainable solution. Single-serve plastic is something I’m working on reducing in my life (TIP: ditch the shampoo bottles and try shampoo bars from Chagrin Valley Soap – love!), so buying cases of single-serve water bottles doesn’t work for me.

Even though I don’t buy case pack bottled water, I’m fully aware that every 5-gallon bottle that I refill with Primo Water saves 1,100 single-serve bottles, which makes my heart happy. You might be thinking: that’s nice for when you’re at home, but what about when you’re traveling? We bought the portable rechargeable water dispenser and take it with us on road trips and camping trips (it has a micro USB charging port, so we can even charge it in the car if needed). So much better for the planet and easier to clean up the campsite!

It’s Convenient

You might be surprised to learn that Primo has thousands of self-service refill machines at retailers across the country. The refill machines pull water from your local public water source and filter it on-site, so you can dispense whatever amount you need.

Mitch and I typically refill our bottles at the Walmart or Publix near our home. If we’re in a big rush, we’ll grab a pre-filled 5 gallon bottle (also available at thousands of retail locations!) from the grocery store down the street, but for the most part we find the refill machines easy enough, even with two kids in tow.

It’s Easy

Primo has several different types of dispensers available for purchase, but my favorite is the bottom-loading dispenser. It lights up when we’re getting low on water so it’s easy to know when it’s time to replace the bottle. To load a new bottle, I just remove the cap, place the tube into the bottle, and slide the bottle inside the dispenser.

We typically have three bottles of Primo on hand at any time and we store them on the floor in the garage since it’s so close to our kitchen, but Primo also sells bottle racks on their website.

It’s Habitual

We drink so much more water now that we drink Primo. There are a few reasons for that: 1) the dispenser is the first thing I see when I go into the kitchen in the morning, 2) our kids can easily get their own water without help from Mom and Dad, and 3) we simply love how the water tastes and have come to crave it.

Whenever I see my kids filling up their own glasses of water throughout the day, I’m proud that Mitch and I have helped them create a healthy hydration habit that I hope will last a lifetime. I’m even more proud when Lee spends his night with the babysitter trying to convince her to get Primo Water at her house (is four too young to earn a commission?).

It’s Affordable

Despite drinking so much more water, drinking Primo Water is affordable. The average price per gallon across the US is just $0.35 when you use the self-service refill machines. That’s just $1.75 for a 5-gallon bottle, which is a great deal compared to single-serve bottles. Our family tends to go through 3 bottles a week, so we budget about $20 a month for water, which is a small price to pay for great taste and peace of mind!


I am so excited that Primo has given me 2 bottom loading dispensers (like mine!) + FREE Primo Water coupons (to get you started) to give away! Woohoo! To enter for a chance to win, leave a comment and tell me where in your home you’ll keep your new Primo Water Dispenser. We have one in our kitchen and another in our garage for easy garden access.

I’ll randomly select two winners on March 20th. Winners will be announced on my Facebook page that evening. In the meantime, check out Primo’s brand new website and find Primo Water near you!

8 thoughts on “Why This Family Loves Primo Water

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  1. Ohhhh you know I’ve been eyeing a dispenser! I especially LOVE the hot water function. I didn’t realize the bottles were so inexpensive after the up-front cost of the dispenser. My kitchen is pretty small so I’d keep it in the “breakfast nook” area. 💦

    Liked by 1 person

  2. If I were to win the water dispensers one would be in my kitchen and I’d give the other to my mom so that she would would have clean drinking water at all times! I would be the favorite son!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Since I work from home every day, I will put my new Primo water dispenser in my home office upstairs. That way, I can enjoy Primo water all day long without running downstairs to my kitchen where the current Primo water dispenser is!

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  4. I’ve been eyeballing these primo water stations for so long! I would definitely have it in the kitchen but I’dbe tempted to put it in the bedroom so my husband isn’tgoing back and forth to the kitchen all night long. I love the ones with the dog bowl on the bottom they’re the first ones I saw and I thought they would be perfect for the groom shop. We buy so many cases of water and have to constantly go to the back to get bowls and refills on the shop dogs water so these stations are literally perfect. I can’t wait until I can finally convince my husband that we NEED one or five of these!


  5. I’ve been wanting one but just wasn’t sure which one would be the perfect one for a family of 4. I would store in in the dining room.. a couple of steps away from the dining table. Every time I would buy at least 3-4 cases every time I make a water trip. I think 1 5gal would be worth the trip instead of making 4 trips in and out of the house.. and I only buy the 32pk. I like my water cold too but most of the time we just take it as we go from the pack (room temp). A lot of time we just take the packs of water in the house and leave them them by the front door so we could have to always walk up there to get water while we’re already sitting down eating or something. I think this primo 5 gal would be a life saver


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