I Have Been Charmed By These Hills

Charmed. Absolutely charmed.

Before I moved to North Carolina, I never understood the concept of calling a place “charming.” At least, not a real-life place.

Charming was a word used to describe quaint towns in television shows. Like Stars Hallow, where the Gilmore Girls laughed, cried, and loved.

Charming was nothing more than a powerful feeling created by movie directors that left you wanting to pack your bags and move to a place that didn’t exist.

Except, there are many places among us that are charming. The places whose spells will bind are surely different for each of us. But for me, I’ve encountered nowhere as charming as the mountains and foothills of North Carolina.

It happened quickly. When I flew into Winston-Salem for the first time, I was amazed by the trees. There were so many of them. And they were so tall. I had mistakenly been expecting somewhere flat and isolated, like the farmlands of Indiana, but North Carolina was anything but flat or isolated.

Stepping off that plane was like stepping into a new world. Instantly, I was charmed by the state’s natural beauty, the fresh air, the rolling hills, and the sky that, I swear, is bluer.

I believe each of our hearts has a true home, a place that speaks directly to our soul, somewhere that engages our senses in a way that nowhere else can. Finding it is a feeling that you’ll recognize, even if you’ve only every felt it’s shadow in stories created for the big screen.

My hope for you is that you’ll be charmed by the place where you are meant to be. If you haven’t found it yet, take the leap of faith. Go after it. Find yourself in its warm embrace.

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