I Have Been Charmed By These Hills

Charmed. Absolutely charmed. Before I moved to North Carolina, I never understood the concept of calling a place “charming.” At least, not a real-life place. Charming was a word used to describe quaint towns in television shows. Like Stars Hallow, where the Gilmore Girls laughed, cried, and loved. Charming was nothing more than a powerful... Continue Reading →

You Win Some; You Lose Some

It took almost thirty years for me to grow an appreciation for where food comes from. Sure, I knew that carrots grew under the ground, probably because I loved Pooh Bear books as a kid. But what I didn't know was how much work actually goes into helping that carrot grow. Tilling the ground to... Continue Reading →

Take Note of the Growth

Before we started the garden and I began taking regular photos of each plant's progress once a day, nature's subtle growth was lost on me. I would walk by the same flowers each day and never really stopped to smell the roses. Of course, it's easy to see when the tall trees change colors in... Continue Reading →

Embrace the Imperfection

Mother Nature requires that you give up your love of perfection, or at least the way you understand it. That's just not how she operates. When it was time to head outside for the evening, it was with dread that I approached the tomato bed. Earlier this morning, Mitch had discovered blossom end rot on... Continue Reading →

The World Will Keep Spinning

We decided to grow a garden in early April. I approached the planning the same way I do for most things I'm extremely excited about -- quickly. Originally we were just going to plant a few things in the raised bed the previous homeowner had always tended. But, after we learned a little about seed... Continue Reading →

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